Progressive Peer Groups ( NZ only)

A unique peer group for business owners and managers.

This is an environment where you will benefit from the creative solutions developed for your business through the collective thinking power and collaborative support of your peers.

Use the collective knowledge of many experienced heads to resolve your business problems and develop better growth strategies.

New to Progressive, we are introducing our unique Peer Groups for owners and managers to learn from, and provide support to, each other and develop advanced leadership skills through our world class leadership program.

According to European research, Peer Groups or Forums are successful:

  • Their companies grow at a rate that is five times the average for small to medium-sized businesses headed by non-forum Leaders.
  • More than 12,000 Leaders worldwide who belong to Leader forums.
  • These Leaders represent approximately 1.1 million employees.
  • The combined annual revenue of their companies exceeds €250 billion.
Progressive facilitates the meetings, contributes to ideas and provides one-on-one mentoring support.


You will become part of a dynamic peer group that will help you overcome strategic and operational issues and achieve your growth goals.

You will be accountable to the group for agreed action plans and provide accountability to the others in your group.

Leaders get the benefit of access to a unique leadership development program in the first year and discounts.on Progressive's services.

What is the selection process?

Peers are selected by two critical factors:
  1. Their ability and willingness to contribute, and

  2. The size and nature of their companies
Consequently there is an qualification process to go through involving interviews, personality and business capability assessments. It is important that the mix of people and companies is right for everyone to get value out of it.

What is involved in the Peer Group meetings?

These are problem-solving meetings designed to help you over-come the hurdles and barriers you face in your business.   A typical meeting will involve the presentation of 2 or 3 members strategic or operational issues and brainstorming to find solutions.  An action plan is then agreed upon.  Progress reports by members are also presented.

Progressive will organise the meetings which will occur once per month for 3 hrs each. Each member’s experiences and ideas are shared combining to form a knowledge pool we can all draw from.

You will develop an action plan and report back to the group.  You will be using our on-line dashboard software to measure progress and help keep you on track to  your goals.

These sessions are motivational and partnerships and alliances between members can soon form. Occasionally we will arrange an expert speaker to present to the group on a topical issue. We will also run some events for the combined groups.

Example topics covered are:
  • staff management: recruitment, retention training, motivation
  • new market development
  • exporting
  • management of technology in the workplace
  • leadership
  • developing teams
  • developing stringer customer relationships
  • developing strategic alliances
  • operational process
  • marketing and sales strategies
  • sales team development and remuneration
  • ownership issues
  • organizational structure
SWAT Teams

SWAT teams are formed when there is a complex or large issue that can not be resolved though the normal business meeting.  The SWAT team may include an outside expert.

One-on-One Mentoring

You can take opportunity to have a mentoring session with the Progressive Facilitator once every three months. This will enable you to provide feedback and share your thoughts confidentially about how things are going.

Discounts on Progressive Services

You are entitled to discounts on Progressive's services  


FAQs for Peer Groups

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