Why Have a Mentor?

Lacking in energy and focus?    Need a confidential and professional sounding board?

If you are lacking in energy, frustrated with your efforts and can not achieve what you want, then a mentor is highly valuable. A mentor will motivate you and this will have a positive impact on you and your business.

Share the burden.    In many situations there is no-one to talk to about sensitive issues.  We take the burden ourselves trying to assess the pros and cons of each decision  A mentor is someone to share that burden with. Someone who understands and has been there.

Sharing thoughts and ideas confidentially. As a manager, it can be difficult to make decisions when you have no-one impartial to share your  thoughts and ideas. Will colleagues think you are less than competent if you share some of your 'people management' problems with them? Can you be sure of confidentiality if you speak to others? What are the best ways to deal with your particular problem?

By dealing with a mentor confidential issues can be thoroughly debated before any action taken.

Gain direction. Knowing where I am going and how I am going to get there” is one of the most common statements people make about the value of mentoring. We often doubt ourselves far too much and this is perhaps the biggest barrier to personal and professional growth.

How we help

Progressive has a structured mentoring program that has significant advantages over the conventional unstructured mentoring programs. To make positive changes we must be committed to a goal and a pathway and that is the principle behind our mentoring program.

It is for business owners or executives who wan an experienced manager who has proven mentoring skills. They will provide objective feedback, contribute ideas, be a professional sounding board and provide guidance and motivation.

Download Executive Mentoring Program brochure (PDF file: 594kb)

In a study published by The Manchester Review in 2001, the percentage of executives interviewed cited executive mentoring creating postive impacts in the following areas:

* Productivity 53%
* Quality 48%
* Organizational Strength 48%
* Customer Service 39%
* Reduced Complaints 34%
* Cost Reductions 23%
* Bottom Line Profitability 22%

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