David Moginie 
 MBA B.Sc.
Managing Director

David has worked with many manufacturing and services businesses helping them develop new strategies and expand into new markets. David has an ability to cut through the clutter and focus on the real issues that make a difference to an organization's development.  

David has extensive senior management experience starting as the national technical manager for a major chemical company at age 29, then advancing into national marketing roles followed by becoming the CEO of a chemical manufacturing company in the Philippines. “That was a particularly difficult challenge” says David. “The company was in ‘shell shock’ after the Asian crises and had to be restructured within a very short time frame in order to survive”. After restructuring the organization, establishing new distribution channels and entering new key markets the company was back on its feet after 18 months.

He has also been an owner of two businesses in the software development industry. "One was quite successful and that taught me how to add value to a business. Although we did not make much profit, we sold it 4 years later to the major competitor for tidy profit.   We had market position, a good product and a great reputation." These are things which add considerable value to a company.

Recently David spent one month in Phoenix, Arizona working with Tom Bossmeyer establishing our US beachhead. It is an exciting time!

David has been with Progressive Business Solutions since 2005 and has been instrumental in its growth and development as a leading business development organization.

David is married (over 25 years!) and has two teenage children and lives in beautiful Wellington. 

David is a keen skier, tramper and plays some occasional tennis.

Contact Dave on davem@progressivebusinessinternational.com

Paul Heffernan
Paul is an experienced manager from the IT services industry working for Apple Computer, Burroughs, Unisys, GCS Ltd (EDS) and Eagle Technology.  

Paul has many years experience in corporate sales, management and leadership roles with multi-million dollar accounts including the Justice Department, Mitsubishi Motors, The Warehouse, CML Insurance, Dept of Education, Moore Wilsons, Rock Gas, Resene Paints and EM-Co to name a few.   

He also created and built one of the largest solid iron furniture manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing business in New Zealand. 

Paul’s vitality and energy is omni-present and has a big impact on his clients’ success. 

Paul is a highly successful consultant and has generated significant earnings in his time with Progressive.   Paul has been involved with corporate training for many years and has had the benefit of attending internationally based behavioural and motivational courses. 

A keen golfer and active sports person, Paul is happily married with five children and four grand-children and lives in Wellington.

Contact Paul on  paulhefferan@xtra.co.nz

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