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"We have invested in all sorts of courses and training programs over the years but this is probably the best we have had."

Paul Bary
Wellington Beds, Wellington, New Zealand

"We've dealt with lawyers and accountants and all sorts of professionals in the past, where they basically do their bit, you pay the money and they're out.  We've found working with Dave (from PBS) very worthwhile, in that he started talking about Flagmakers to start with and more recently he's started talking about 'us' as if he's part of the company, which is a nice feeling."

Peter Hume
Flagmakers, Wellington, New Zealand

"We got added benefits that I didn't even anticipate through this process. A much more engaged cohesive team, a very clear idea together of where we are going, and a much more solid idea of how we are going to get there. I think we've all grown from it.  There's a level of trust through the whole team that we've never had before."

Helene Higbee
Higbee-Schaffler Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

"Our team is nothing but re-energised, re-focused.  We're going to grow the business by 35% so therefore the money is irrelevant, because it adds two to three hundred thousand dollars to the bottom line, and they're big numbers."

Murray Deans
Deans & Associates Limited, Chartered Accountants, Porirua, New Zealand

"It has mapped out a course for us that we're working through and we can see that once we have got through the tasks we have set ourselves and that Greg has helped us set for ourselves we'll operate much more efficiently.

We are now working on about 70% negotiated work instead of 70% tendered, which saves us a lot of time, we have less risk and consequently the work is more profitable."

Liam Dunne 
Choice Commercial Interiors Limited, Wellington, New Zealand

“Greg has been able to help us identify and focus on the aspects of our business that are critical to our survival and growth. Greg quickly came to understand the very special and unique nature of our work and was able to advise on our strengths and weaknesses relative to turning our survival mode into a profit mode.”

Craig Turvey
3D Creative Design & Management Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

“We just wanted to say thanks for the way you and your 'Progressive Business Solutions' have been helping us this year. Nigel and I were discussing how much less stress we are feeling now compared to this time last year and agree that your recommendations have made a large contribution towards this. Our business had grown over the years and we were becoming extremely busy. In fact our stress levels were very high. We felt like things were a bit out of control. Now we are much more organised and we see how we can keep growing, but your advice has helped reduce the stress at the same time.”

Sarah Searancke
Sarah Searancke Catering, Wellington, NZ

"The company is run so much more effectively and efficiently now, which enables us to free ourselves up.  There are more than just the financial benefits. One thing you can't put an amount of money on is the confidence thing.  We're now confident that we have the right programs and the right strategies and there's a peace of mind that's hard to pinpoint.  Yes, I would say that it is a cost effective program."

Rick Hardy Jones
Choice Commercial Interiors Limited, Wellington, New Zealand 

“We’ve found it extremely helpful. We’ve looked at all the areas and put together a business plan. We have been able to point out the areas exactly where we’ve been falling down. So it’s been a very valuable experience… I would recommend them to anybody.”

Carol Smart
HVT, Training Company  

Paul McQuinlan
CEO, Lantech - a leading IT Company

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