I want to...

... Solve my staff problems

An enormous number of business owners say they have staff issues: “can’t get good ones, can’t get rid of the bad ones…”   But there is often more to this problem that meets the eye.

The symptoms and their impact are real enough. Finding good staff is difficult, especially if experienced and skilled staff are required. Good staff do leave businesses despite the owners’ best efforts. And when a staff member is unproductive or causing problems in the team it can be a long and tortuous road to remove them... read more

...Improve my leadership skills

It is often said that great leaders are born, not made. This might be true of leaders on a grand scale such as Winston Churchill or Richard Branson, but even they had been through unique preparation for the roles they undertook. There is no reason why, as a business owner or manager, you cannot prepare yourself to be a good leader. ... read more

...Increase my sales

How much is enough? Sales growth can be a touchy subject, because many business owners say they “don’t want to get too big”. Unfortunately once growth slows or stalls, the business is extremely vulnerable to any fluctuations in the economy or the industry. ... read more

...Enjoy my business more.

We meet many business owners who just want to get out. They may have started in business with a good idea, a particular technical skill or a hand up from a family member or mentor.

But somehow they’ve got to the point where they just don’t want to be there any more. How did this happen?... read more

...Improve my business's productivity

Productivity is a measure of how efficient you are utilizing your labor resource. If you have low productivity then your company is less competitive. Typical symptoms include dissatisfied staff, higher costs, higher levels of overtime, and slow output. Poor productivity is a result of a number of factors, which are discussed later... read more

...Measure my business at a glance

Before thinking that you need to measure everything important in your business, let’s look at what is critical. The important financial measures for all profit-making companies are sales, expenses and profit, productivity and maybe debt.

They may be expressed as actual numbers or as ratios. Ratios are useful as expenses and profit will go up with sales but maybe not proportionally. ... read more

...Create a saleable business

For a business owner there are three things in life that are certain; death, taxes and exiting your business.

Exiting and extracting the maximum value for your business is much more involved than just resigning, picking up your gold watch and moving to the beach! ... read more

...Create an effective board of directors

Managing a business is not a simple process. There are many aspects of management and it is difficult to have a firm grasp on all of them. As a business gets larger, and more complicated in its operation, the need for a higher level of management may become apparent, to ensure longer term goals are being addressed. This is the governance aspect of business ownership... read more

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