Create a great business with our leading-edge Business Excellence Programme!

Twelve years of research and over $1M of investment has led to this world-class programme.

Independent research has shown that 50% of owner-operated companies lack the planning methodologies, management disciplines and awareness which prevents sustainable growth.

Our own research has shown that over 30% of management time is wasted on handling un-necessay staff issues and up to 20% of management time is wasted on ineffective marketing strategies

Making your business a great business - a world class business - means the development of your management capability, systems and building a great team.  

What is involved?

Our Business Excellence Programme comprises the following elements: 
  1. Evaluating your current position:   an in-depth comprehensive assessment of  your management capability, market and product fit, financial trends, customer and staff perceptions and satisfaction, and finally, operational systems to assess efficiencies and bottlenecks.

  2. Building a high performance team using leading-edge proprietary behavioural indicator and conscious assessment tools and our executive mentoring programme.   This change education programme prepares management and employees for ongoing change.

  3. Strategic Pathway Development: An integrated 4-Plan process.   Plans for the key areas of your company: marketing and sales, people, operational systems and financial and performance management are built in synchronisation.   Our ongoing research in these areas ensures you will have the latest ideas and methods in leadership, marketing and selling strategies and performance management.

  4. Implementation, the real key to successful change:   Our truly unique implementation and support programme is an ongoing service that ensures that the implementation of the planning and systems development outcomes is effected efficiently and systematically and that any difficulties in implementation are identified and overcome. This is the element that ensures the success of the whole programme and the ingredient that is often lacking from other consultancy services. A tailored dashboard and balanced scorecard is developed.

  5. Ongoing systems development and mentoring support

  6. Optional Peer Group Meetings:  Meet with your Peers in the Business Excellence Programme to share ideas and information

Application Process

Firstly, we conduct a discovery meeting which briefly examines your current position and assesses your state of readiness and proof of desire to change.   We inform you about the details of the Business Excellence Programme, its costs and your time commitment.

Secondly, The Progressive Assessment Panel assesses your application and approves or disapproves your application.   If it is disapproved we make a recommendation on one of our other Programmes that may be more suitable for you.

Thirdly, if approved,  your are required to complete initial survey documentation and assessment forms prior to the first meeting.

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