The ten laws of attraction selling

Success in selling comes down to attracting customers who want your product or service and who can benefit from using it.

It is much easier to sell to people who already want what you have to offer, than to try to convince people to buy something they aren't sure about or don't really want. How much easier would it be to sell your product if you could attract an abundant supply of customers who are already predisposed to buy your product or service.

There are 10 laws that will help you achieve success in selling by attraction. Each one creates a positive movement towards success. Combining all the laws into your selling approach will lead to the highest pinnacle of success.

Law 1 – The Law of Courtship  

The selling process is about creating customers, not sales. You must promise a benefit and focus on their needs. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Don’t expect too much on first date. You’ve got to pursue enough to win the hand but not to the point of creating unwanted pressure. Know when your pursuits are not wanted and back off. Discover the power of multiple contacts and spaced repetition. Recognition and trust come from regular, positive contact. Trust comes from predictable, consistent attempts to give someone what they want and need. Success will come when you take the time to find out what your prospect wants and you provide exactly what they want, then a bit more than what they expect.

Law 2 – The Law of Averages

Selling is a process that involves a number of steps that attract your prospects closer to the sale with each step. In any group of potential prospects, you will succeed in getting sales opportunities with a regular percentage of those prospects if you consistently follow the right steps. Once you learn the average conversion rate from each step you can then set your activity level to use the averages to your advantage – eg if you make 2 appointments from 5 calls and you want 4 appointments a week, make sure you make 10 calls a week, every week.

Law 3 – The Law of Repetition – Repetition is the Mother of Skill

The more you perform an activity, the more natural it becomes. Practice makes perfect. In selling, the more natural you can be the less concerned you are about what you need to do and the more able you are to be concerned about the needs of your prospect. Keep practicing your sales scripts and presentations until you have complete mastery of them. It takes discipline to get started and keep going, but eventually the rewards pay off and the process becomes self sustaining.

Law 4 – The Law of Diminishing Returns

At some point it will be no longer worth chasing any particular prospect or group of suspects. In any group of prospects there are at any one time, only a limited number who are both reachable and receptive. Allocate your time to get the greatest leverage. At some point, we need to add more prospects to the pool, so that we don’t waste time calling the same low return prospects again and again. Keep your eyes open for new, fresh leads to add to the database.

Law 5 – The Law of Scarcity

Desperation is the killer of sales. You sell most easily when you do not need a sale. On the other hand, when you need a sale, success seems to become more elusive.

Your need to sell creates pressure that repels sales. Your indifference to making a particular sale creates a force of attraction that makes prospects want what you have to offer. In selling, as in courting, playing hard to get makes you more attractive. Value highly what you supply. Don’t give it away easily. If you value what you have to offer, your attitude will cause others to perceive a higher value for your product or service than if you are desperate to get rid of it.

There will be sufficient demand if you offer what people want at the right price. If there are enough benefits, enough reasons, enough WIIFMs, people will demand you sell to them. Scarcity is the most powerful buying motivation. Focus your sales approach on value and scarcity and you will have a sure winner.

Law 6 – The Law of Leverage

Some groups of prospects respond better than others. Leverage is about using your time and approach to maximise your results. Identify your ideal prospect groups who respond more readily to your offer to give you greater leverage.

Identify which approach attracts higher quality leads and more conversions. Then spend your time working with these groups with the best approach instead of just trying to sell to anybody. In direct marketing terms, “the power is in the list.”

Law 7 – The Law of Power

Authority has power – the power of respect. You need to position yourself as an authority figure. The prospect is usually in a state of inertia, unless there is a desperate reason to change. You must provide a powerful reason to break your prospect free of the inertia. You have several areas where you can develop power: the power of reasons, the power of your voice, the power of positive energy, the power of image, the power of expectation and the power of trust.

Law 8 – The Law of Control

The one who controls the process wins. As the sales person, you will only win when you maintain control. There are many ways to maintain control in the prospecting and selling process: controlling the conversation, controlling the timing (don’t allow call backs), controlling the relationship (how you handle call me back later or send me information responses). When you control, you can lead the prospect where you want them to go. Without control, you lose.

Law 9 – The Law of Abundance

How many prospects are there in your market? There are normally plenty of fish in the sea. Most sales people waste valuable time trying to sell to the first prospect who comes along, or to anyone who will listen to them.

Don’t waste time over the ones who aren’t right. If they aren’t receptive, it could be because they’re not right or because you aren’t using the right bait or tackle. Use the right offer to attract the right prospects. Use a qualification process to disqualify prospects who are likely to be unresponsive so you can spend your time on the most valuable prospects.

Law 10 – The Law of Attraction

Sales are won through attraction. You must be careful that everything you do attracts rather than repels. Use attraction as your weapon. Avoid repulsion triggers (anything that sounds like a telemarketer or sales person – eg How are you today? Do you have a minute to talk right now?) Use attraction methods to draw your prospect’s interest. Deliver words that attract those who need your services.

Avoid pressure tactics that repel. Use expressions which show the degree of your care and concern for your customer. These will attract a positive response.

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