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How much is enough? Sales growth can be a touchy subject, because many business owners say they “don’t want to get too big”. Unfortunately once growth slows or stalls, the business is extremely vulnerable to any fluctuations in the economy or the industry.

The first problem is to know who your market is, and how to talk to them. This is less about who currently buys from you, and more what problem your product and service solves, who has that problem, and how can you talk to those people? Your market will be a group or groups who share a common set of wants and needs which you can solve.

Marketing will not necessarily be about advertising. Sadly throwing thousands of dollars at radio and newspaper advertising is not guarantied to get to the right people. Often a business is better to concentrate on specific low and no-cost campaigns directed at their specific targets.

Secondly, identifying what the sales targets should be. When there are staff management or cost control problems, the issues are obvious. With sales, the problem is what is NOT there, so can be very difficult to measure. Knowing the market size, and therefore your own market share is vital. Too many assumptions are made, especially by people who have been in an industry for a long time.

Most clients we deal with are extremely surprised at how small their share is: new entrants slip into the market and grow very fast “under the radar” after being dismissed by the established players as “newbies”. Information is the key in setting realistic goals. Basing sales targets on last year will always sell your self short.

Next, a sound sales process is required. This is so that once a potential customer decides your business might be able to help them, they can:
  • Easily get in touch with the right people in your organisation to answer their queries
  • Get the right information, in a timely manner, and in a professional and appropriate way.
  • Be communicated with in a way most likely to result in them buying from your business
  • Be persuaded, in the most appropriate manner, to buy from your business.
You will note that I mention “most appropriate” a number of times above. This is because a “sales process” does NOT mean “hard sell”, or “ram down their throat” or any of the other negative stereotypes associated with traditional sales people.   Those days are over.

Any sales process you develop will be unique to your business because it should reflect your sense of ethics and your standards of service. The process should also, however, be effective in showing the prospective customer that they should buy from you for a number of good reasons!

Finally, you need to measure your results, and measure the activities that lead to the results. This shows you what is effective and shows you where improvements can be made.  

Sales does not have to be a dirty word, nor can it be left to chance. It is a vital part of every business, and a key to your success.

If you are having issue with sales, sales processes or sales people then why not give us a call or send us an email and one of experienced specialists will get in touch with you free of charge and give you some fresh ideas.

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