Want to enjoy your business more?

We’ve all had that feeling…The hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach...  you arrive at work with a pretty good idea of what is going to happen, and that you’re not going to enjoy it... ...

But if you own the business… what then?

“I used to come in every morning with a spring in my step, looking forward to the challenges of the day, rearing to go! Where did that feeling go?”

We meet many business owners who just want to get out. They may have started in business with a good idea, a particular technical skill or a hand up from a family member or mentor. But somehow they’ve got to the point where they just don’t want to be there any more. How did this happen?

Changes in business are like changes in life, and often are closely connected. Sometimes change comes quickly: a health problem or accident can change your life. A financial disaster or losing your biggest customer can change your business.  

But more often, change comes slowly and subtly.  

At work, the business grows in size and sophistication and requires different skills to manage. As an owner, you may not be ready to lead this business. So gradually the fun goes out of it, and you wonder why you’re there.

How do I get that feeling back?

Change is inevitable. Things will never be the way they were. But as a business owner you can understand and adapt to the new situation. This is where a thorough review of the current business situation is important.   

You need to know what drives the business, both internally and externally. You used to know these when you started, but things have changed. What things have to happen for the business to deliver the results you want?

You also need to know where you want the business to take you. Armed with this information a path forward will become clearer. In your small start-up business, you may not have needed more than yourself and a van, but now you need a plan.   

Once you have goals and plans to get you to the goals, the business must be led to the future, just the way at the beginning the business was led to its current state.

Reinvention: a fresh start

A business owner must recognise the changes that have happened and adapt to the new reality. In many ways, this is a process of renewal. A fresh view, a new start and new ambition.

Action points - What to do next

Here are some ways to get back on track:

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