Alan Platt

Alan has 20 years of corporate experience managing strategic business units and sales teams in a wide range of industries. This has included management in the retail industry, as well as sales management roles in the liquor industry and architectural coatings field.  

Since becoming a consultant, Alan has worked with a range of clients in manufacturing, retail, IT and construction services, and has worked on business growth plans, specialised succession plans, organisational change and other customised programmes.

What draws Alan to consultancy is the opportunity to help people.  

“The clients we work with have very similar problems, all centred on what the business delivers them in terms of income, value and lifestyle. The solutions, however, are always unique, because each individual has their own desired outcomes, and more importantly their own personal values and ethical “bottom lines” which can not be crossed. I also have an underlying belief that the economy is not going to be healthy and productive without medium-sized, owner-managed businesses growing effectively and being managed to high levels of performance.”

Alan has long since been too old to be playing competitive sports, but still enjoys watching them especially the new Wellington Phoenix football team. He also cycles on the road and in the hills. He has a passion for good books and movies, and decent Italian cars.

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